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      From their tense hearts the boys sent up a cheer, which drew all attention to them. The news quickly spread along the line, and was received with cheers.

      "Clear out, now, if you don't want to git hurt," said the larger man,' moving his hand toward his hip.

      "I'm a-gwine away," replied the man, in terror-stricken accents. "I'm a-gwine away mouty quick. I don't want to stay here no longer."



      "So, Bos! H'ist, Lady! H'ist up, you measly heifer!"


      "Mebbe," suggested Shorty, remembering that this would still leave them four short, "some o' your gang'd like to come along with you."


      The dialog on the bank continued.Well, sir, those servants got themselves liberated, and do you think they liked it? Do you think they liked being free and equal?