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      How interested they look, she said. It must be nice for Esmeralda to meet with such an old friend.

      As she carefully placed the soiled and creased letter in her bosomit seemed to strike warm, as if it had lifeshe saw opening before her a triumph which dazzled her and almost made her afraid. With this letter she could thrust the girl she hated not only from her lofty position but from Traffords side. It only needed skill and a heart hard enough to laugh at scruples; and her heart was adamant, and her love for Trafford rendered her incapable of a conscience.The old woman resumed her needle. "And all you have for it," was the first word, "is his pity, eh?"

      "There's where the tips of masts always show first," she ventured to the sergeant. "We can't expect any but the one kind now, can we?"Not a bad run, you know, sir, he would remark, in the midst of a description of a racethe duke was always pleased to hear of the great events of the outer world into which he so seldom entered. Soup Ladle ought to have won; all the pencilers had the spondulacs upon her; but she ran wild and all over the shop

      Yes! Then, a moment afterward, added, with a frightened look: What will Selvaine say?

      They went aboard at the head of Canal Street. The river was at a fair stage, yet how few craft were at either long landing, "upper" or "lower," where so lately there had been scant room for their crowding prows. How few drays and floats came and went on the white, shell-paved levees! How little freight was to be seen except what lay vainly begging for export--sugar, molasses, rice; not even much cotton; it had gone to the yards and presses. That natty regiment, the Orleans Guards, was drilling (in French, superbly) on the smooth, empty ground where both to Anna's and to Flora's silent notice all the up-river foodstuffs--corn, bacon, pork, meal, flour--were so staringly absent, while down in yonder streets their lack was beginning to be felt by a hundred and twenty-five thousand consumers.


      CHAPTER XXXVI.Irby went redder than Anna. "You can't get it at this hour!" he said. His eyes sought Flora, but she was hurriedly conferring with her grandmother.


      The woman came from the bedside occasionally, but always with the same report: Esmeralda was still unconscious.He began again: "Ladies and gentlemen and comrades in arms!" and pulled his moustache, and smote and rubbed his brow, and suddenly drove his hand into an inside pocket and snatched out a slip of paper. But what should come trailing out with it but a long loop of ribbon! As he pushed it back he dropped the paper, which another whiff of wind flirted straight over his head, sent it circling and soaring clear above Moody's store and dropped it down upon the roof. And there gazed Anna and all that multitude, utterly blank, until the martyr himself burst into a laugh. Then a thousand laughs pealed as one, and he stood smiling and stroking back his hair, till his men began to cry, "song! song!"