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      Do You Hear? Git on Your Mule at Onct.'

      There was more straining and prying in the dreary rain and fathomless mud to get the wagons started.66

      They got a number of flat stones, and laid down a little pavement in front of their door, and drove an old bayonet into the logs to serve as a scraper. They rigorously insisted on every visitor using this before entering.

      "I say. Shorty," he called, "cum 'ere a minnit, quick!"

      He pounded most of the frozen mud off his shoes, picked up the camp-kettle, and started off for wood and water, broke the ice on the creek, took a good wash, and presently came back with a load of dry pine and a kettle full of water.'fix--bayonets!' 069


      "O, some man's ketched his nigger tryin' to run away to our lines, an's goin' to kill him," answered the teamster indifferently.


      "Isn't yo' a-gwine tuh take me wid yo', mas'r?" he asked.