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      "Now, lads, to your homes," cried Turner, as they hurried on, "every man of ye. Go by different roads, and you will not be suspected. There is not a man they can swear to but myself. Now, brave hearts, farewell! We may not meet together again: but all the harm I wish ye is, that Calverley and I may soon meet; and if ever he plagues free man or bond among ye after that, say Wat Turner is a cowardAway! Tom Merritt," said he, drawing the mason aside, "do you think of leaving Winchcombe?you know there are always busy tongues."

      "Oh!" said Mary, dropping the clothes, and staggering to a seat"oh! Byles, Byles, we are lost! What will become of us! Sam will tell all!"He spent the day restlessly, and the next morning walked over to Cheat Land before half-past ten. Alice Jury opened the door, and looked surprised to see him.

      "Jack Straw," inquired Turner, "have you made out the conditions?""Then you ?un't coming."

      Here Mrs Keelings disintegration of mind showed itself. She had but a moment before been critical of Alices silence.

      "This assize will be a hungry feast," he at length exclaimed; "we may bid adieu to the MitreI must refund the money I received on account of the witch, and the old Ferrett, too, must have his earnest moneywhat is to be done? Do ye know any one who could be trusted to stand in the shoes of Beauchamp?"

      Keeling nodded to Charles.{94}


      "I beg your pardon!"Anne's chin came forward so like Richard's that one might gather he had borrowed the trick from her.


      He was half disappointed, half pleased. But, wisely, he gave up the idea of conveying to her that there was anything more than business for him in her working among his books. If she understood that her handling them, her passing hours in his room, her preparing his catalogue was something so utterly different from what it would have been if any one else was doing it for him, she would have found the hint of that in what he had said. If she did notwell, it was exactly there that the disappointment came in. He pulled his chair a little nearer to the table again, where his work lay.The street down which they drove from church very soon ceased to be a street in the sense of its being lined on each side by contiguous houses, and became Alfred Road, and was bounded on each side by brick and stucco villas. At first stood arm-in-arm, semi-detached, but presently they took on an air of greater spaciousness and stood square and singly, while the gardens that sandwiched them before and behind were large enough to contain a grass-plot and six or seven laurels in front, and a full-sized tennis-lawn and a small kitchen garden at the back. But perhaps they scarcely warranted such names as Chatsworth, Blenheim, Balmoral, or The Engadine, which appeared so prominently on their painted gates. Blenheim had once been Mrs Keelings home, and her mother, a tiny, venomous old lady in a Bath-chair, lived and was likely long to live there still, for she had admirable health, and the keen, spiteful temper which gives its possessor so indignant and absorbing an interest in life.


      "With whom should we hold," said the foremost, "but with King Richard and the true commons?"