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      "Yes, God bless her, there is no doubt about that. I have been brother and father too for her. She has had no one but me since our mother's death."

      "Yes," answered his daughter, in her hard voice. "He asked us often enough, but mother would not let us go."Yes, said Norman; but we all hope that will be a long while; for the duke is the dearest old chap, and Trafford is as fond of him as he can be.

      Father Rodwell had been with her at seven o'clock upon the last three mornings, and had administered the sacrament to her and to her husband, and to the faithful Tabitha, one with them in piety and love. The priest thought that each celebration would be the last; but she rallied a little as the day wore on, and lived till sunset; lived through the long painful night; and another day dawned, and he found her waiting for him in the morning, ready to greet him with her pale smile when he appeared upon the threshold of her room, after going up the staircase in saddest apprehension, dreading to hear that all was over, except the funeral service and the funeral bell.

      Were safe now; they wont come near our camp.

      The Duke of Belfayre? she repeated; thats an awful swell, isnt itsomething near a prince or a king?


      From the Hall, Doctor Remy hastened to Oakstead. There was an unusual quietude about the place, and he was met at the door by Mrs. Bergan, with her finger on her lips, and the low-spoken information that, after an excessively restless night, causing them all a good deal of trouble and uneasiness, Carice had fallen into a deep sleep, and must not be disturbed. Would he be good enough to step noiselessly into the parlor, and speak low?[184]


      He was tall and dark, with a slight mustache, and very dark eyesa very handsome man. He was civil enough, and thanked me all he knew. I think he was a bit ashamed of her."Darby and Joan," echoed Allegra, as she filled his cup. "Must we be like that: old and prosy, sitting by the fire, while life goes by us outside? It seems sad that there should be no alternative between slow decay and untimely death."