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      The doctor looked at the distorted face and wild eyes, and setting down the bottle he had in his hand, took up another and poured out a draught.

      She was silent for a minute or two, and Lord Norman, gazing at her with all his heart in his eyes, had forgotten the house of Belfayre and its difficulties, and everything but the fact of her presence, and her delicate profile standing out like a cameo, when she said, suddenly:

      He blushed like a girl."But, Madame, Monsieur insisted that I should bring a complete trousseau. He wished Madame to supply herself with all things needful for a long cruise in the south."

      Not from here. The Blue Ball liner leaves Liverpool to-morrow, said the clerk, reluctantlyhis company was the White Ball. You might catch her; but shes not a particularly good ship, and not fast; nothing to be compared to ours.Norman looked rather surprised.

      Yes, said Norman, hurriedly. I ought not to have come. Please forgive me, Miss Chetwynde.



      He turned and gazed at the house pensively, and Trafford looked at it also.


      God bless my soul! said Mr. Pinchook. What a dreadful set of men!Daughters of millionaires are generally given to that sort of thing, arent they? said Varley Howard.


      Trafford could bear no more. He rose and staggered out of the hut and leaned against the wall, with his face upon his arm.